What’s Christmas Like in Australia?

Christmas in Australia is something completely different, rather than giving gifts around the Christmas Tree you may very well find yourself on the beach! Not bad, ey? and no wander why so many are hoping to make the move, choosing Christmas in the sun.

gold coast beach

christmas in australia

If you’re emigrating to Australia, or have recently made the move to Australia, then Christmas on the beach is soon to become a reality for you. But what is Christmas in Australia really like?


australian christmas

Believe it or not, more UK expats worry about spending Christmas somewhere hot than you would think. The main concern being; whether it’s going to be weird having a hot Christmas, or whether it will even feel like that festive time of year without the chill in the air, pine trees springing up and holly adorning the halls. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Aussies certainly don’t ignore any opportunity to be festive and get into the party mood.

In fact, the great thing about Christmas in Australia is that it happens over their main summer holidays, meaning it’s a great time to have a little holiday. Being such a huge country with tonnes to see and do, you can make the most of the Christmas break by experiencing what this great country has to offer. The Aussies do take their holidays very seriously, so you’ll also have plenty of new friends to enjoy the beautiful summer days and nights with.



Christmas in Australia is just as celebrated as in the UK, but with it being the height of summer, you ultimately get to combine the two best times of the year in one.

Think Christmas Day walks on the beach, sipping a cold beer in 30C heat and shrimps on the BBQ, and you’ll soon be making new Christmas traditions that make it feel every inch festive.

Emigrating to Australia is a daunting and exciting prospect but with free visa assessment for Australia, your chances of making a new life for yourself downunder could be just a stone’s throw away.


Gifts Which are Also Great to the Giver

Sometime giving gifts feel like just to much giving. Especially if those who you give to are not great at doing the return part. One of the best ways to treat yourself whilst treating others is choosing gifts which are also great for the giver.

Here Are Gifts Which are Great for the Giver

Weekend Away

One of the greatest ways to get your own kicks out of giving a gift to a loved one is booking a weekend away or even a full on holiday. Undoubtedly, your loved one will be beside themselves with excitement and you’ll be able to also taste the fruits of your great adventure away. You get to be the giver and your own receiver!

paris attraction

holiday in paris

Tickets to See a Live Gig

You and your loved one will no doubt have an artist that both love as much as one another. Grabbing tickets to a live gig will not only make your loved one happy beyond measure, you’ll get to see the look on his or her face whilst also enjoying some of your favorite songs being played by one of your favorite artists!

crowd cheering at a live gig

tickets to see a live gig

Tickets to See a Comedian you Both Love

Just like booking tickets to see your favorite artist, you can also use this crafty plan but with your favorite comedian. You’ll get to be the person to provide the greatest gift of your loved ones birthday and enjoy the gift yourself at the same time. It doesn’t get better than that!


watching a comedian that you and your loved one both enjoy

Although it all seems a bit crafty, the truth of the matter is, your loved one will naturally enjoy sharing their awesome birthday present with you beside them. You get to win also but truly, the gift is the fact you’ll both be there making the most of your awesome gift. No loved one could ask for anything more. Lets no forget though, keep in mind what you would also love ;). 


3 Reasons We Need Cyber Security if We Have a Business

By now, we have all heard of Cyber Security and its evil cousin, Cyber Crime. If not, one can only assume you have a been a blissful hermit for years on end. The likelihood however, you hear about it all the time but don’t quite know the reasons you need it or if you even need it at all.

3 Reasons We Need Cyber Security.

Regardless of the business, if it has an online aspect it is at risk to Cyber Crime

This is because anything that is online will have information that can leak back to data. Maybe it personal data, maybe financial date, maybe that of your own or even you clients. Once this information is breached cyber criminals can navigate around a whole world of tender information which absolutely should not be in their hands.

The Integrity of Your Business Actually Heavily Depends on Cyber Security

In the event of a breach, the information that can be utilised by cyber hackers can prove itself extortionately costly. On the one side this is bad for your customers as they may very well take a financial hit but on your side of the court, things may be worse. They will have the right to sue you and once news gets out the integrity of your company may be effected in such a way that is irreversible.

bank cards

protecting personal information

Its Actually an Easy Measurement to take – Just Ask the Professionals

Look at PGI for example. PGI are a Cyber Security professionals who protect online data. They keep personal information – yours, staff and your clients safe. The need for Cyber Security has gone through the roof with the development and evolution of high speed internet. With bank details, insurance policies, personal and sensitive information all worth a good buck, online businesses are often breached, hacked without even knowing they were vulnerable to such an event. Some times simply opting in for Penetration Testing is enough to show you just how vulnerable you are; Penetration Testing is a test which role plays a cyber hack on your site and the results are concluded from how easy or difficult it was to hack!

The facts are simple, no business can afford not to implement Cyber Security and yet implementing it is more than affordable. If you want to keep your business safe from cyber hackers then this is you first and last step.



Giving A Puppy As A Gift

Anyone who adores puppies wants to spread the doggy cuddles and love by giving a puppy gift. However, people are not always prepared to receive them. We are sure that the recipient will be truly grateful for your kind gesture, but sometimes it is just not the right time. For example, your grandfather is alone at home and loves dogs, but he may have other plans, such as bingo, holidays to enjoy his retirement and trips to visit all the grandchildren. A puppy that needs constant attention, walks and loves to eat slippers may not be the ideal gift.

So before you’re on your way to the pet store, you should ask yourself these simple questions. Will the new owner have the free time, mobility, and money to love and look after a dog for the following 10+ years? Is their space? Is there a garden?

Any child will love a puppy presents! However unlike other gifts, dogs can’t be popped under the sofa or in the cupboard when a newer model is released. A key thing to remember is although the new puppy is for the kids, YOU hold the real responsibility.

A White Puppy Lying Down

A White Puppy

 I Really Want a Puppy!

Let’s say that your children, your husband, your friend or sister have made it extremely obvious that yes, they do want a puppy, and all of those important questions are answered. You are certain, and so are they. What’s next?

The Four Steps

  • – Contact a professional breeder or animal shelter and explain the situation. Find the perfect pup with help from someone who knows best, pay a deposit, or fund the purchase such as training sessions.
  • – Go shopping and buy the perfect puppy starter pack, with bedding, food and lots of toys.
  • – Get imaginative and make a “gift certificate” with information of the special surprise. A great idea would be a surprise envelope attached to the ribbon of a dog toy.
  • – Don’t rush, a new puppy needs the steadiness of normal day to day routine. So it’s best avoid holidays or busy times. Or perhaps giving an owners certificate so the new owner can collect them when the time is right.

    A Puppy Giving A Gift

    A Puppy As A Gift

There you have it, our top tips for gifting puppies. We would love to hear about your own experiences and how you got creative in surprising your loved ones with that incredible fluffy bundle of love.


Our Three Favourite Surprise European City Break Destinations

A lovely gift for you partner, best friend or anyone you love spending time with. The gift of a European city break is ideal for getting away for that much needed R&R, to see new faces, hear different languages and enjoy some beautiful European cuisine.


Paris is easily one of the most attractive cities. It is made up of multiple districts creating a vibrant collection of amazing areas. There are many impressive monuments and landmarks to be seen, but also a number of secret courtyards and parks for a more intimate experience. One of our favourite things is that as well as being a brilliant tourist destination, this city is also a home, you are guaranteed to interact the real Parisian people, whilst enjoying a coffee and croissant in a local café.

The City Of Paris

CityScape Of Paris


This tightly packet city is so rich in history, renowned for evenings of delicious tapas and flamenco. Seville is the perfect city break destination, we recommend staying in Old Town Seville, meander the cobbled streets of the Santa Cruz quarter and be sure to visit the Alcázar Palace. Enjoy a sunny walk or cycle along the banks of the Guadalquivir whilst drinking freshly squeezed Seville orange juice.

Seville City



Amsterdam is a perfectly sized city, which means a long weekend is the ideal amount of time to make sure you see it all. You can walk or cycle all over the city, over beautiful bridges, visiting flea markets, coffee shops and tulip gardens. A brilliant destination for art lovers, with its many art museums and top rated orchestras. One of Amsterdam’s biggest draws is that it combines delicate and beautiful scenery with a wild and rebellious underbelly.

Canal Street Amsterdam

Amsterdam Street

So if you’re after a lovely gift that’s going to create brilliant memories and allow you to join in with the fun. A trip to one of these beautiful cities for two is the perfect answer.


Why giving gifts is great

Are you one of those people that just never buys gifts…A card will do, kind of person? Well todays the day you change your ways and start becoming a giver, and trust us it really is a great thing. Seeing that persons face as they tear open the wrapping paper from their present is one like no over, so we have put together a few reasons why giving gifts is awesome.


rapped present



Their happy

Who doesn’t like to make another happy? It is brilliant to sit back and see that person you care about, grinning from ear to ear, or in pure shock of a surprise gift. From giving a gift you are making that person feel appreciated, noticed and special. That’s pretty cool.

Your happy

You cannot beat the amazing sensation you get when you are the result of someone else’s happiness. There is actually science behind generosity; the gives body triggers Oxytocin being released giving them that lovely joyful, warm-fuzzy feeling. It’s like being Santa, but on a regular basis, you’re the kind, thoughtful and magical individual.

Give and you shall receive

The act of giving is not to receive, but the world works in mysterious ways, and good gestures often come back around. People do notice kindest within others and this often spurs them on to behave in a similar way. You will be surprised to see, how your kindness reflects on others and eventually come back to you.

So now you know. From the smallest thoughtful token gifts, to outlandish and extravagant gestures, its wicked to be a gift giver, to be the generous one, not only do you make others feel fantastic but you also walk away feeling pretty darn gleeful too.

Let us know how you feel after you have given something to another!


Three gifts to never buy your wife

So it’s the wifies birthday and you’re beyond lacking in inspiration of what to get her. In this article I am going to tell you exactly what NOT to buy your wife, and to return those gifts that were going to be otherwise throw back at you with floods of tears. Women are complicated and gift buying is something you just have to get right. So here what not to buy and why.

FYI : Written buy a lady

Tickets to the football

She knows, she can tell 100% that these tickets to watch your favourite team next month were just not bought with her absolute satisfaction in mind. Even if she is ‘one of the lads’, it’s a cheap way of getting something you want, it’s her special days so make it about her.

angry lady

angry wife

Just a card

WOW! In your wife’s opinion, you may as well also write inside the card ‘I just don’t give a crap!’. Any man who have previously made this error in judgment and thought a card will do, have probably extremely quickly learnt it’s a no no. At the end of the day she is your wife, the lady that would do probably many things for you that no other should ever have to. You can defiantly do better than just a card boys.

confused woman



Chocolates are for your elderly aunt, or at a push for your mum. No wife wants to open up the gift bag, expecting a personal and thoughtful special something, and receive a box of Cardbury Milk Tray. I can understand why chocolate can be a go to for a man, we all know how much women love anything chocolate but keep them as add ons, or extra nice gifts.

unimpressed lady

say nay to chocolates


So to conclude, the famous saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ does not apply to wife’s, especially when no thought was clearly used. So my advice would be avoiding these three and your most likely on the right track to a successful gift giving experience.



The Three Go To Gifts For A Woman

If you’re thinking of gift ideas for any lady in your life, wife, mother, daughter or friend and are completely stuck for inspiration, here are some of our suggested go to gifts for a woman. Keep it simple of really wow them, these three ideas have got you covered and sure to get you the brownie points.


Flowers are a guaranteed winner; any female cannot deny how much they absolutely love to receive a bunch of flowers at their door step. What’s not to love? They smell delicious, look beautiful and tell you that your admired. Better than that flowers work for every occasion, perfect for, birthdays, anniversaries and ‘please let me out of the dog house’ moments.

kitten looking at flowers

when your boyfriend brings you flowers


Women love jewellery, it’s a well-known fact. Weather it’s a surfer bracelet from a trip, golden necklace or diamond ring, like magpies they just cannot get enough of pretty shiny things. Jewellery is the perfect gift for a woman because its personal, it has been chosen buy you for them. It is also a great gift as it lasts, and works as a perfect reminder of your admiration.


woman love diamonds

Concert Tickets

A little more out there but again a real lady pleaser. Concert tickets to their favourite band, comedian or theatre will have you in the good books for months. Everyone loves an experience gift, something you can remember for ages and really have a great time at. A ticket to their favourite band for them and a friend is a gift that says, I have thought this through and want you to love it.

concert crowd

taking your lady to the concert

So there they are, three ideal gifts to impress any lovely lady. Are biggest tip would be do it with good intention and thoughtfully and they are going to love it. Any gift that makes them feel appreciated is going to be a real front-runner.


3 Types of Men to Buy Gifts For

We all know someone who is so impossible to buy gifts for that it is agonising. We search high and low, we think as far outside of the box any mind could ever be and then in a relentless moment of despair, you purchase socks. What is even more mind boggling, their reaction is still the same, the kind which looks at you and thinks, “oh socks again, great”. The likely hood, this man falls into 1 of these 3.

1. The One Who Has Everything

Seemingly, there is no man harder to find a gift for. What on Earth could possibly outweigh what they already have. Unless of course, you have the cash to advocate more money than sense, you could always get them a sports car.

rich man

The kind of man you can never find a present for

2. Spoilt Brat

This man, no matter how great the present; he wants more. Naturally, this will result in getting him socks out of spite and serve as a metaphorical slap in the face. Whats worse, he will know it and give you hellish glares for it. Give him whats he deserves; SOCKS!

woman hits man

Dealing with a spoilt brat

3. He wants nothing – The Buddhist Monk

The Buddhist Monk is the man who wants nothing. Actually, socks might just make his day but naturally we find it hard to comprehend these kind of humanoids and waste way to much energy thinking of something better than socks. On top of this, you can’t exactly opt for underpants for the hippy kind as commando monk man will have zero use for them.

men with colourful socks

The perfect present

We all know one of these 3 types of men and lets face it, by default, you will absolutely end up buying them socks. If only the amount of effort that is required to think of a great present was recognised. Perhaps, its time to give in and only look for the funkiest socks money can buy.



Why PAYE Tax Refunds Is An Amazing Gift

Have you ever been on a working holiday? If so, you will likely very much remember the bliss of adventure and diving into different cultures. This self expanding experience is on the bucket list of many and we have social media to thank as a great source of motivation, everyone looks like they are having the time of their lives. The reality is however, it is very much like having the obligations of your home land but with the novelty of new horizons. Whilst it is an incredible thing to do, one can find themselves working far more than they care to truly bother with. Budgets get tighter and the vast horizons of possibilities can seemingly decrease. But, little do many know that there is a treasure chest building in the form of tax rebates, a popular destination for travelers is the UK, and they are often unspeakably overjoyed when discovering PAYE Tax Refunds.

How does this serve as a tremendous gift?

Saving that doesn’t feel anything like saving
UK PAYE Tax Refunds are rebated after your time spent in the UK.Because we accept the chunks of tax taken out of our wage packets it doesn’t feel anything like saving. Mostly because we budget with what we have at the end of each month and because we are so focused on this, we forget that meanwhile our little piggy bank is growing larger and larger.

– This refund will enable you to jet set off to your next desired destination and as you will be able to cover this expense, this means what you do save with your wage packet will also allow you to burn it off on other amazing experiences.

– The Best news of all, if your are working in the UK but are not from the UK then you pass for PAYE Tax Refunds. Which is awesome for all travellers from overseas.

Make sure you treat your self to the gift of PAYE Tax Refunds and use it to take you to wherever your greatest desires point. PAYE Tax Refunds truly are an amazing gift!