We all know someone who is so impossible to buy gifts for that it is agonising. We search high and low, we think as far outside of the box any mind could ever be and then in a relentless moment of despair, you purchase socks. What is even more mind boggling, their reaction is still the same, the kind which looks at you and thinks, “oh socks again, great”. The likely hood, this man falls into 1 of these 3.

1. The One Who Has Everything

Seemingly, there is no man harder to find a gift for. What on Earth could possibly outweigh what they already have. Unless of course, you have the cash to advocate more money than sense, you could always get them a sports car.

rich man

The kind of man you can never find a present for

2. Spoilt Brat

This man, no matter how great the present; he wants more. Naturally, this will result in getting him socks out of spite and serve as a metaphorical slap in the face. Whats worse, he will know it and give you hellish glares for it. Give him whats he deserves; SOCKS!

woman hits man

Dealing with a spoilt brat

3. He wants nothing – The Buddhist Monk

The Buddhist Monk is the man who wants nothing. Actually, socks might just make his day but naturally we find it hard to comprehend these kind of humanoids and waste way to much energy thinking of something better than socks. On top of this, you can’t exactly opt for underpants for the hippy kind as commando monk man will have zero use for them.

men with colourful socks

The perfect present

We all know one of these 3 types of men and lets face it, by default, you will absolutely end up buying them socks. If only the amount of effort that is required to think of a great present was recognised. Perhaps, its time to give in and only look for the funkiest socks money can buy.