Throughout the ages of mankind, we have been obsessed with gift offerings to our closest friends and families. However, way back in time, gifts were made from natural resources whereas today, one would not be able to fathom the volume of plastic waste created directly as a result of our friendly gestures. Waste Management Companies have been trying to tackle the problem, but just how bad is it?

Here are some facts to address when answering this question, for example we have looked into what waste management companies in South Africa have said.

The plastic waste statistics from SA show that 1.4 million tonnes of plastics was produced and 315,000 tonnes were transferred from landfill in 2014, making a recycling rate of only 23%. Of the 315,000 tonnes of plastics which had been transferred, only 280,000 tonnes (90.2%) was recycled in South Africa and 31,000 tonnes (9.8%) had been exported for reprocessing overseas.

The plastic waste left in the process of landfill procedures is 77%, here are 2 facts to measure the scale of this issue.

  • -The time taken by plastic bottles to decompose in a landfill  on average is close to 700 years.
  • – Used plastic dumped into the sea kills and destroys sea life at an estimated  rate of 1,000,000 sea creatures per year!

What can we do?

As it is clear from these statistics that not only is waste management a national issue, it is in fact a global issue, unfortunately, the figures regarding waste even in more developed countries are just as dyer.

This is why we should be turning to waste management companies to ensure that there is always a direct funding to the process of recycling plastic waste rather than relying on the resources that the governments have, of which are limited to tax budgets. If we all take responsibility over this global issue, we should be able to reverse such catastrophic statistics and create a cleaner and more sustainable world.