Sometime giving gifts feel like just to much giving. Especially if those who you give to are not great at doing the return part. One of the best ways to treat yourself whilst treating others is choosing gifts which are also great for the giver.

Here Are Gifts Which are Great for the Giver

Weekend Away

One of the greatest ways to get your own kicks out of giving a gift to a loved one is booking a weekend away or even a full on holiday. Undoubtedly, your loved one will be beside themselves with excitement and you’ll be able to also taste the fruits of your great adventure away. You get to be the giver and your own receiver!

paris attraction

holiday in paris

Tickets to See a Live Gig

You and your loved one will no doubt have an artist that both love as much as one another. Grabbing tickets to a live gig will not only make your loved one happy beyond measure, you’ll get to see the look on his or her face whilst also enjoying some of your favorite songs being played by one of your favorite artists!

crowd cheering at a live gig

tickets to see a live gig

Tickets to See a Comedian you Both Love

Just like booking tickets to see your favorite artist, you can also use this crafty plan but with your favorite comedian. You’ll get to be the person to provide the greatest gift of your loved ones birthday and enjoy the gift yourself at the same time. It doesn’t get better than that!


watching a comedian that you and your loved one both enjoy

Although it all seems a bit crafty, the truth of the matter is, your loved one will naturally enjoy sharing their awesome birthday present with you beside them. You get to win also but truly, the gift is the fact you’ll both be there making the most of your awesome gift. No loved one could ask for anything more. Lets no forget though, keep in mind what you would also love ;).