Anyone who adores puppies wants to spread the doggy cuddles and love by giving a puppy gift. However, people are not always prepared to receive them. We are sure that the recipient will be truly grateful for your kind gesture, but sometimes it is just not the right time. For example, your grandfather is alone at home and loves dogs, but he may have other plans, such as bingo, holidays to enjoy his retirement and trips to visit all the grandchildren. A puppy that needs constant attention, walks and loves to eat slippers may not be the ideal gift.

So before you’re on your way to the pet store, you should ask yourself these simple questions. Will the new owner have the free time, mobility, and money to love and look after a dog for the following 10+ years? Is their space? Is there a garden?

Any child will love a puppy presents! However unlike other gifts, dogs can’t be popped under the sofa or in the cupboard when a newer model is released. A key thing to remember is although the new puppy is for the kids, YOU hold the real responsibility.

A White Puppy Lying Down

A White Puppy

 I Really Want a Puppy!

Let’s say that your children, your husband, your friend or sister have made it extremely obvious that yes, they do want a puppy, and all of those important questions are answered. You are certain, and so are they. What’s next?

The Four Steps

  • – Contact a professional breeder or animal shelter and explain the situation. Find the perfect pup with help from someone who knows best, pay a deposit, or fund the purchase such as training sessions.
  • – Go shopping and buy the perfect puppy starter pack, with bedding, food and lots of toys.
  • – Get imaginative and make a “gift certificate” with information of the special surprise. A great idea would be a surprise envelope attached to the ribbon of a dog toy.
  • – Don’t rush, a new puppy needs the steadiness of normal day to day routine. So it’s best avoid holidays or busy times. Or perhaps giving an owners certificate so the new owner can collect them when the time is right.

    A Puppy Giving A Gift

    A Puppy As A Gift

There you have it, our top tips for gifting puppies. We would love to hear about your own experiences and how you got creative in surprising your loved ones with that incredible fluffy bundle of love.