A lovely gift for you partner, best friend or anyone you love spending time with. The gift of a European city break is ideal for getting away for that much needed R&R, to see new faces, hear different languages and enjoy some beautiful European cuisine.


Paris is easily one of the most attractive cities. It is made up of multiple districts creating a vibrant collection of amazing areas. There are many impressive monuments and landmarks to be seen, but also a number of secret courtyards and parks for a more intimate experience. One of our favourite things is that as well as being a brilliant tourist destination, this city is also a home, you are guaranteed to interact the real Parisian people, whilst enjoying a coffee and croissant in a local café.

The City Of Paris

CityScape Of Paris


This tightly packet city is so rich in history, renowned for evenings of delicious tapas and flamenco. Seville is the perfect city break destination, we recommend staying in Old Town Seville, meander the cobbled streets of the Santa Cruz quarter and be sure to visit the Alcázar Palace. Enjoy a sunny walk or cycle along the banks of the Guadalquivir whilst drinking freshly squeezed Seville orange juice.

Seville City



Amsterdam is a perfectly sized city, which means a long weekend is the ideal amount of time to make sure you see it all. You can walk or cycle all over the city, over beautiful bridges, visiting flea markets, coffee shops and tulip gardens. A brilliant destination for art lovers, with its many art museums and top rated orchestras. One of Amsterdam’s biggest draws is that it combines delicate and beautiful scenery with a wild and rebellious underbelly.

Canal Street Amsterdam

Amsterdam Street

So if you’re after a lovely gift that’s going to create brilliant memories and allow you to join in with the fun. A trip to one of these beautiful cities for two is the perfect answer.