So it’s the wifies birthday and you’re beyond lacking in inspiration of what to get her. In this article I am going to tell you exactly what NOT to buy your wife, and to return those gifts that were going to be otherwise throw back at you with floods of tears. Women are complicated and gift buying is something you just have to get right. So here what not to buy and why.

FYI : Written buy a lady

Tickets to the football

She knows, she can tell 100% that these tickets to watch your favourite team next month were just not bought with her absolute satisfaction in mind. Even if she is ‘one of the lads’, it’s a cheap way of getting something you want, it’s her special days so make it about her.

angry lady

angry wife

Just a card

WOW! In your wife’s opinion, you may as well also write inside the card ‘I just don’t give a crap!’. Any man who have previously made this error in judgment and thought a card will do, have probably extremely quickly learnt it’s a no no. At the end of the day she is your wife, the lady that would do probably many things for you that no other should ever have to. You can defiantly do better than just a card boys.

confused woman



Chocolates are for your elderly aunt, or at a push for your mum. No wife wants to open up the gift bag, expecting a personal and thoughtful special something, and receive a box of Cardbury Milk Tray. I can understand why chocolate can be a go to for a man, we all know how much women love anything chocolate but keep them as add ons, or extra nice gifts.

unimpressed lady

say nay to chocolates


So to conclude, the famous saying ‘It’s the thought that counts’ does not apply to wife’s, especially when no thought was clearly used. So my advice would be avoiding these three and your most likely on the right track to a successful gift giving experience.