If you’re thinking of gift ideas for any lady in your life, wife, mother, daughter or friend and are completely stuck for inspiration, here are some of our suggested go to gifts for a woman. Keep it simple of really wow them, these three ideas have got you covered and sure to get you the brownie points.


Flowers are a guaranteed winner; any female cannot deny how much they absolutely love to receive a bunch of flowers at their door step. What’s not to love? They smell delicious, look beautiful and tell you that your admired. Better than that flowers work for every occasion, perfect for, birthdays, anniversaries and ‘please let me out of the dog house’ moments.

kitten looking at flowers

when your boyfriend brings you flowers


Women love jewellery, it’s a well-known fact. Weather it’s a surfer bracelet from a trip, golden necklace or diamond ring, like magpies they just cannot get enough of pretty shiny things. Jewellery is the perfect gift for a woman because its personal, it has been chosen buy you for them. It is also a great gift as it lasts, and works as a perfect reminder of your admiration.


woman love diamonds

Concert Tickets

A little more out there but again a real lady pleaser. Concert tickets to their favourite band, comedian or theatre will have you in the good books for months. Everyone loves an experience gift, something you can remember for ages and really have a great time at. A ticket to their favourite band for them and a friend is a gift that says, I have thought this through and want you to love it.

concert crowd

taking your lady to the concert

So there they are, three ideal gifts to impress any lovely lady. Are biggest tip would be do it with good intention and thoughtfully and they are going to love it. Any gift that makes them feel appreciated is going to be a real front-runner.