Christmas in Australia is something completely different, rather than giving gifts around the Christmas Tree you may very well find yourself on the beach! Not bad, ey? and no wander why so many are hoping to make the move, choosing Christmas in the sun.

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christmas in australia

If you’re emigrating to Australia, or have recently made the move to Australia, then Christmas on the beach is soon to become a reality for you. But what is Christmas in Australia really like?


australian christmas

Believe it or not, more UK expats worry about spending Christmas somewhere hot than you would think. The main concern being; whether it’s going to be weird having a hot Christmas, or whether it will even feel like that festive time of year without the chill in the air, pine trees springing up and holly adorning the halls. Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Aussies certainly don’t ignore any opportunity to be festive and get into the party mood.

In fact, the great thing about Christmas in Australia is that it happens over their main summer holidays, meaning it’s a great time to have a little holiday. Being such a huge country with tonnes to see and do, you can make the most of the Christmas break by experiencing what this great country has to offer. The Aussies do take their holidays very seriously, so you’ll also have plenty of new friends to enjoy the beautiful summer days and nights with.



Christmas in Australia is just as celebrated as in the UK, but with it being the height of summer, you ultimately get to combine the two best times of the year in one.

Think Christmas Day walks on the beach, sipping a cold beer in 30C heat and shrimps on the BBQ, and you’ll soon be making new Christmas traditions that make it feel every inch festive.

Emigrating to Australia is a daunting and exciting prospect but with free visa assessment for Australia, your chances of making a new life for yourself downunder could be just a stone’s throw away.